We’re All Numismatists Now (GLD,XPO,IYT)

We’re All Numismatists Now (GLD,XPO,IYT)   We’re going to lean against the wind a little this week and offer up something that gets little attention in the investment world, though, in our view, it deserves more.   There are many folks who, like us, like the market’s prospects in the near term.  There’s also a full throated minority that carry the bear case.  But both groups are in full agreement that bear markets begin where bulls end, and even saying so is too much a truism to garner any meaningful attention from either party.   But what if that were not the case?  What if markets did not turn over in the normal fashion after…

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“Bobbi-Jean, You Take That Mask Off Now!” (IYT,XPO,DIA)

“Bobbi-Jean, You Take That Mask Off Now!” (IYT,XPO,DIA)   It always struck us as interesting that this whole FBI/Dept. of Justice/Russian meddling story began with something the G-men call ‘unmasking’, a process whereby American citizens’ identities and affairs are exposed during a broad intelligence sweep that targets foreign nationals.   Normally these people and their privacy would be protected.  Unless, of course, permission is granted from a higher authority to reveal their names.   Unmasking. There are also periods during which all the masks come off.  And if we’re fortunate, this could be one of them.  Call it the midnight hour, the post-ball tolling of the bell, the point at which the pumpkin truth is…

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