Silver Dollar Anyone? (SLV,UUP)

There are a couple of stories we’re watching today. The first is the dollar, which last Friday popped up above all its moving averages, reinvigorating the bulls and slaughtering any notion that the dollar’s ascent is done with.   We’ll have a chart of the dollar for you in a moment, but first let’s outline our second big story of the day, silver.   We believe silver is now putting the lie to any notion that a return to the precious metals bull is underway. That move came to a screeching halt, you remember, exactly five years ago in April of 2011, signaling to all who would listen that the whole complex was about to…

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Drilling Down to the Bond Core (TLT,UUP,GDX)

Before we jump into the fray this week and send you reeling with our ever colorful prose and one-handed, market-beating prowess, we’re going to take a moment to report on two trades that require attention.   The first was launched on the 13th of August in a letter called We’re Selling the Bond Rally, wherein we advised you to make two separate trades. The first was the sale of CALLs on the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (NYSE:TLT).   The reason for the advice was purely technical. We wrote –   After a very sharp bounce higher that coincided with equity market weakness, TLT has risen to its 137 day moving average…and we have…

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Helen Roper’s Revenge (FAS,GS,TLT,GLD,UUP,GDX,KWHIY)

The old lady’s loose flowing garments were testimony to her growing brood of kids and the tendency, as one gets older, to pay less attention to the body’s need for dietary discipline.   We’re speaking, of course, of everyone’s favorite landlady (and Stanley’s wife), Helen Roper, who in many ways characterizes the investment landscape we’re now passing through.   Helen, you’ll recall was a product of the post-war generation’s affluence and the yearning of many aging folk in the 60’s and 70’s to reconnect with their inner child and lead a more fancy-free, shame-neutral life than their parents.   A Generation of Teens   So, too, with us today, though we’ve taken Helen’s moral lassitude…

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You Can Make Money From Illusions! (UUP)

  Just a few practical words to begin this week’s letter.   There are a lot of people who swear by P/E Ratios as the ultimate guide to buying and selling equities. Others will tell you it’s all in the rise and fall of the 200 day moving average. Still others say the game is based entirely on sentiment figures.   Likewise, there’s a loud and growing chorus of pundits who scream daily from the rooftops that the dollar devaluation – along with that of the Yen, the Yuan, the Euro, et al. – is about to bring about a catastrophic, global financial rupture. They’ll tell you that it’s imminent and that without a boatload of gold in…

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Investment Philosophy Explained (UUP, GLD)

Ethical Investing

Dollar (UUP) Headaches? Gold (GLD) Fever?   There are two approaches to dealing with the flu. Some folks load up on the Tylenol and attempt to weather the worst of the symptoms by dulling their effect on the body. Nausea? Stuffed up ears, nose and throat? Can’t feel ‘em. Let’s get to work. The other approach is to leave the malady run its course without taking medication. For those who deal in this manner, the thinking is equally simple. As they claim – at least they know if they’re sick or not, and if it’s worth their while to jump back into the fray. Finance Mirrors Life So it is with life in general, and…

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Profiting Thrice in Champagne & Ice (GLD, FAS, UUP)

Today’s letter is going to touch upon several major investment trends that we’ve been discussing here for years. And they are – • Dollar strength… • Precious metals (and overall commodity) weakness, and… • A financial sector that will lead the broader equity indexes higher. Along the way, we’re also going to close out some trades and open a new one. So let’s start with the dollar. Top Dollar Back in mid-January of this year we made a decision to hold on to our stock in the PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (NYSE:UUP), a proxy for the U.S. Dollar Index, after it was PUT to us in a losing options trade. The letter…

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