Silver Dollar Anyone? (SLV,UUP)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

There are a couple of stories we’re watching today. The first is the dollar, which last Friday popped up above all its moving averages, reinvigorating the bulls and slaughtering any notion that the dollar’s ascent is done with.   We’ll have a chart of the dollar for you in a moment, but first let’s outline […]

March 2, 2016

Investment Philosophy Explained (UUP, GLD)

Bourbon & Bayonets

Dollar (UUP) Headaches? Gold (GLD) Fever?   There are two approaches to dealing with the flu. Some folks load up on the Tylenol and attempt to weather the worst of the symptoms by dulling their effect on the body. Nausea? Stuffed up ears, nose and throat? Can’t feel ‘em. Let’s get to work. The other […]

March 19, 2015