“I Hear Voices…” (QQQ,TYL)

Executive Lounge, Options Trader Elite

“I Hear Voices…” (QQQ,TYL)   There’s different kinds of insanity.  There’s the psychotic kind that no one likes to talk about, except when it exits the world, as Charles Manson did just weeks ago.   There’s also the less dangerous but far more common ‘dementia’ that strikes far too many good souls in their later […]

December 7, 2017

July Rant (TYL)

Executive Lounge, Options Trader Elite

There’s an unwritten, iron-clad law of politics that goes like this –   You step too far from the status quo… and you risk your neck.   Now, we’re talking politics here, so it doesn’t hold for the guy you knew in high school, who showed up occasionally to class with a cape.  He was […]

June 30, 2016