Measuring the Worry one Cup at a Time (GMCR, TSLA)

So just what is this so-called ‘wall of worry’ that epitomizes bull markets on Wall Street? It’s a phrase that’s bandied about by just about everyone. But until you open up the patient and actually stir about in his guts, you really have no idea what it means. It’s for that reason that we’re taking a minute to opine on the exact meaning of the term, its relevance, and how it works in reality. We’ll start like this. ‘Bull Markets Climb a Wall of Worry’ We’re in a bull market. It’s been going on for five years and, for technical and other reasons, there’s little reason to think it will stop. That being the case,…

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Make Money while the Coffee Spills (GMCR, FB, SLV, TSLA)

Coffee Spills

We’re going to look at a few items this week. With spring upon us, it seems appropriate to survey the scenery before the heat of summer and that sweaty July madness arrive and make it hard for us to think. We’ll begin with what could only be considered a schizophrenic trade in silver. A quick look at the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV), the most popular equity ETF for the grey metal reveals the following – And we ask you, as fellow men and women of reason, educated people with a disdain for all things coarse and corrupt – just what the hell is going on here!? Is it some kind of joke?  Is this what…

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Prying Profits from a Return to Risk (FB, IXP, TSLA)


Did anyone catch that drop in Tesla shares last Friday? A drop of over thirteen bucks that sent six percent of the company’s market cap up to money heaven. And all on the back of our call last Monday to stay the hell away from this puppy. What Caused it? Good question. Over the last two days the loss has amounted to nearly ten percent, but according to varying mainstream media reports the decline was either the result of 1) a market that’s gotten tired of high flying stocks, or 2) California’s electric vehicle rebate program running out of cash, or 3) Tesla’s so-called gigafactory being a much bigger gamble than most stock watchers previously…

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