The Snowball Manifesto (XLE,AAPL,TSLA)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

The Snowball Manifesto (XLE,AAPL,TSLA)   Here at Normandy we believe that the dichotomy purported to exist between the so-called ‘Globalists’ and those who consider themselves part of the “Liberty Movement’, is a false one.   Yes, there are those – from both the right and left of the political spectrum – who believe that economic […]

September 18, 2017

Buy Me a Gift! (TSLA,XLK,FAS)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

Buy Me a Gift! (TSLA,XLK,FAS)   There’s nothing more disheartening than having to remind someone it’s your birthday.  Not just anyone, of course, but someone who’s supposed to know and has forgotten.   Why?  Because it puts you in the awkward position of making someone else feel awkward for the purpose of getting something from […]

July 5, 2017

California Here I Come! (TSLA)

Executive Lounge, Options Trader Elite

California Here I Come! (TSLA)   There’s an old saying that goes, “Change your address, change your luck.”   And for most of those who took up the call and ‘went west’ back in the day, those words held true enough.   As the Midwest and California opened up and were populated by newcomers eager […]

April 13, 2017