“Caution! Disaster! Markets on the Rise!” (TYL,SCHL)

“Caution! Disaster! Markets on the Rise!”  (TYL,SCHL)   Say it over and over again, mantra-like, because it appears that no breakwater exists to contain the ongoing tsunami of buying we see in equity markets worldwide.   Half of the planet’s biggest 35 indexes have set new record highs in 2017, the most since 2007, the year before a global meltdown wiped 50% off the value of the Dow, and other markets.   And the question is, can it continue? The Dow has already logged better than 60 record highs year-to-date (the most since 1995), and we still have a full month to go before the book is closed.   On the economic front, there’s a…

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GET AN EDUCATION! (SCHL)   Everybody wants to write a book.  And it’s likely that everyone has a book that needs to be written.   Unfortunately, some people don’t have the skills or time to write a book.  Others, who do, may not be able to produce something that anyone wants to read.  That’s just the way the cookie bounces.   So it’s really a hairline, tightrope-walk to a project that actually makes it into print, gets purchased and produces a profit.   Not to mention anything of bestsellers.   And that brings us to the focus of our trade for the week – the publishing business. It’s no secret that online publishers, foremost among…

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