“I Hear Voices…” (QQQ,TYL)

Executive Lounge, Options Trader Elite

“I Hear Voices…” (QQQ,TYL)   There’s different kinds of insanity.  There’s the psychotic kind that no one likes to talk about, except when it exits the world, as Charles Manson did just weeks ago.   There’s also the less dangerous but far more common ‘dementia’ that strikes far too many good souls in their later […]

December 7, 2017

Melancholy Bull (QQQ)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

Melancholy Bull (QQQ)   There’s an old Lou Reed tune that offers the following bit of pithy wisdom –   I do believe, if you don’t like things, you leave. What comes is better than what came before…   Now, forgive us if it ain’t Neitzsche or Schopenhauer, and perhaps we were young when we […]

October 9, 2017

New Leg Afoot (HYG,DIA,QQQ,SLV)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

New Leg Afoot (HYG,DIA,QQQ,SLV)   When you start dreaming that you’re a close associate and friend of former presidents and various other statesmen it’s very likely something’s wrong.   Now, that’s not to say that all who mucky-muck about with the bigshots have mental problems; certainly not.  But we ham and eggers have to keep […]

September 27, 2017

Tortoise vs. Hare, Avionic Version (BA,NOC,HYG,BIDU,QQQ)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

Tortoise vs. Hare, Avionic Version (BA,NOC,HYG,BIDU,QQQ)   Where in the world will it end?   General Jenny Tull, the first female, four-star officer in the U.S. armed services, yesterday announced procurements totaling $82 million for the purpose of ‘gender nullification initiatives’ and ‘tactical androgen support ops’. Although our efforts to contact the General’s office have […]

August 29, 2017