Getting Carried Away (SPY,IEF,PFE)

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Getting Carried Away (SPY,IEF,PFE)   There’s a concept in statistics that’s regularly applied to markets called ‘mean reversion’.  It’s a rather simple idea, that anytime numbers get too far stretched from their long-term historical norms – either too high or too low – they eventually snap back.   And it has proven itself long enough […]

January 30, 2018

Durable goods down in December, Caterpillar (CAT) drop in profits and Pfizer (PFE) posts weak results

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Markets were heading lower on Tuesday after durable goods orders dropped in December. The Commerce Department said that orders for long-last manufactured goods fell 3.4% last month. This data followed November’s drop of 2.1%. The decline was largely attributed to a 55.5% plummet in the commercial aircraft sector orders. There were also drops in machinery, […]

January 27, 2015