The Lord Giveth… (QQQ,DIA,VOX,HYG,CBOE,KKR,FB)   It’s hard to find anything negative to say about a market that has been on an even-keeled, upward trajectory for the last eight years.   You can mock what underpins its strength, you can deride the foolishness of those who’ve made millions just buying and sitting put, and you can wail like a newborn over the fundamental and technical excesses that are sure (eventually) to rock the very foundations of the financial edifice and send the global economy off the edge of the planet. And eventually, we admit, you’ll be right.  The fun will come to an end.   But it’s far more likely to be a jagged up-and-down affair…

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Investor Want a KracKeR? (KKR,LMNR,HAIN,QQQ,TREE)

Investor Want a KracKeR? (KKR,LMNR,HAIN,QQQ,TREE)   We’ve long admired legendary investor David Dreman, author of the ‘Contrarian Investment Strategies’ series of books.  His approach to value investing was a tremendous help to us when we began in the business some 25 years ago.  And even though the days of pure value investing are likely behind us for good, once a while a good opportunity does pop up, and we try to avail ourselves of it.   What was the essence of Dreman’s approach?   Contrarian investing for Dreman was a matter of finding desperately battered stocks and buying them for the long haul, say, three years or more.    Three measures, for him, marked a security…

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