DR JOHN (DR,XLK,PRI,MTD,IWR)   Our good friend, Matt McAbby, wrote in last week’s Options Trader Elite about a scenario that he referred to as the ‘non-bear’ market.  That is, the possibility that the current bull run in equities would continue until… well, there was no market anymore!   He was referring to a complete shutdown in trading that he suggested might continue either temporarily or, conceivably long enough to count as permanent because by the time everything was up and running again, the new reality would have rendered the whole project superfluous.   McAbby’s contention was that the possibility of an attack on American soil, either conventional or non-, is not a risk that investors…

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Wonderful World of Mid-Caps (MTD,IWR,DBC,XLE)

Wonderful World of Mid-Caps (MTD,IWR,DBC,XLE)   Well, we’ve waited… and waited… and waited….   We’re patient people, after all.  So it doesn’t kill us to bide our time.   But we have to admit that it’s getting a little ridiculous.   As of the latest data, the NASDAQ market has set an all-time record number of new highs in a calendar year at 63.   Have a look – The last time we got a reading this high was back in 1980.   That’s almost 40 years.   But not only have we seen relentless buying on the part of investors over the year; we also have a situation of persistent calm during the entire…

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