Investor Want a KracKeR? (KKR,LMNR,HAIN,QQQ,TREE)

Investor Want a KracKeR? (KKR,LMNR,HAIN,QQQ,TREE)   We’ve long admired legendary investor David Dreman, author of the ‘Contrarian Investment Strategies’ series of books.  His approach to value investing was a tremendous help to us when we began in the business some 25 years ago.  And even though the days of pure value investing are likely behind us for good, once a while a good opportunity does pop up, and we try to avail ourselves of it.   What was the essence of Dreman’s approach?   Contrarian investing for Dreman was a matter of finding desperately battered stocks and buying them for the long haul, say, three years or more.    Three measures, for him, marked a security…

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Organic Investing (HAIN,LMNR,GDX,JPM)

Organic Investing (HAIN,LMNR,GDX,JPM)   The real question is how many people are prepared to put a seed in the ground, water it and watch it grow, helping it along with whatever nourishment it requires – fertilizer, water – until such time as its fruit can be plucked and eaten.   Are you among that bunch?   And why is it so important?  Why is it ‘the real question’?   Call us crazoids and renegades, but that’s the way we see it.  The time’s a’coming when those who can pull their sustenance from the good earth will be the ones to endure.  While those who rob, steal and fake their way through life, posing as specialists…

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