Out With the Old… (DIA,XRT,PIR,FIT,SLV,XBI,XLE,GS,UIS,SIRI,RSX,QQQ)   The local authorities in my city have just notified me that my newborn son’s name is  not acceptable to them, and that I’m going to have to change it.   If ever there were a case of government overreach, this is it.   They’ve informed me that in order to keep the moniker that I’ve longed to give him, I’ll have to go to the courthouse on my own time and at my own expense to have the child’s name officially registered before a judge.   If, of course, the judge agrees. In this day and I age, there’s no shortage of asininity in the world.  I can be…

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Polyunsaturated Cat Meat (FIT)

Amazing what a mid-afternoon shot of quality bourbon can do for your sense of humor.   We’re going to press on today with our series on becoming a full time stock and options trader.  As you recall, this is only an overview; we hope shortly to be able to offer you something more systematic and exhaustive in the Normandy mode.   That said, we began our discussion some two months back with a look at ‘trading signals’ and ‘cash management’, two of the three foundations of the trading game.  The first we examined in our letter called Short Sellers Disappeared? Time to Short and the second in Kissing Apples.  Feel free to go back for…

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