Washington Redeemed! (AAPL,EWP,CBOE,FB)

Washington Redeemed! (AAPL,EWP,CBOE,FB)   Never were fans of big government here at Normandy.  Don’t think it’s good for the overall health of the nation, nor for its better management or even for its longevity.   Never trusted it.  Always figured the goal was to put everyone on the payroll and then force feed them worthless currency.  Where else are the buzzturds gonna turn for a buck?!   Nope, always preferred the local brand of self-governance – really local! So the thought of someone – an outsider – coming to the big house ready to do battle with the forces-that-be was intriguing.  But whether Senor Trump actually fits that bill remains an open question.   We’ve…

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Buy Everything! Now! (EWP)

Buy Everything! Now! (EWP)   One looks at the numbers, does a double take and asks, “How the heck did this happen?  And how long can it continue? It doesn’t make any sense!”   Consider the bond market – now on a torrid rip higher that added 4% in the span of just ten weeks.  Nominal returns on ten year issues are a meager 2.16%, while the real return is now figured at a measly 0.36%.   What gives?   Why the buying thunder?   Where’s the fire?  And who’s behind the horde of purchases that swamped the market in the last two months?   More than that, why buy bonds at all?  And why…

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