McAbby’s a Cop! No, He’s a Meteorologist! (DJIA)

Most of the time when a liar is caught, he has some sense of grief. He blanches, gets embarrassed, asks for forgiveness in some way or for a chance to explain. Something… He feels remorse over what he’s done and tries to make amends. Unless he’s a pro. If he’s a pro, he doubles down. It’s the essence of an inveterate liar that he can never admit. He has to lie even about his lies – to believe for some reason that they’re truths… Or something like that. In any event, there’s something about the idea of admitting the truth (and his lie) that’s impossible for him. The Police Know   As the police –…

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Hunting with the Indians (DJIA, EPI)

This is the time of year that speaks most directly to the need for renewal and regeneration. Yes, in most parts of the country fall is beginning (winter in some locales!) and the leaves are turning, so for many the feeling may be more one of nostalgia and conservation than revolution. But we hold to the doctrine that everything must be renewed regularly, so any retrenching and holding on to past notions and habits is, in our eyes, a recipe for stagnation, rather than a proper conservativism. And where do we find the mood for change most starkly exhibited today? Quite clearly, it’s in the run-up to this November’s elections, where the possibility of a…

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