THE KEYS TO THE COMMODITIES (FNV,CGNX,BOTZ)   In the next couple of weeks, a significant technical signal will be triggered that will affect commodities, in particular, and the stock and bond markets in general.   It’s found in the daily chart of the U.S. Dollar – an item viewed regularly by technicians the world over – and it looks like this… This is the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY), a composite value for the dollar that’s derived from its performance against a basket of six important global currencies.   What you’ll notice, first and foremost, is the rollover occurring in the daily moving averages (circled, in red).  The last of the salient MAs (orange) is now…

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Investor, There’s a Bug in Your Olive Oil (CGNX,BOTZ,TGT,LVNTA,QQQ)

Investor, There’s a Bug in Your Olive Oil (CGNX,BOTZ,TGT,LVNTA,QQQ)   In what might be considered a perfectly apropos metaphor for the state of investing these days, the Kansas City Star yesterday reported that Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Olive Trees’, painted in 1885 directly before the artist took his own life, has been hiding a secret for better than 125 years. Curators at the city’s Nelson-Atkins Museum report finding a grasshopper that was lodged in the paint all those years without anyone noticing, attributing it to the simple vicissitudes of painting outdoors.   The Bug in the Oil   And we wonder if, after the ‘suicide’ of the current bull run, this stock market’s ‘grasshopper’ will be…

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