Radical Preparations (OLN)

Radical Preparations (OLN)

Some people call us radical.  They think we’re a bit loony for writing occasionally about a breakdown of the civil order or about the importance of diet in warding off disease or about the extent of government excess.  No one ever complains about our trading acumen, however.  In that regard, apparently we’re just radically profitable.


So what’s behind the moniker ‘radical’.  We see it bandied about everywhere – even by our Commander-in-Chief (he’s happy to use the term in all but one regard: ‘radical Islam’) – and there’s a chill that’s felt by those labeled as such.  No one, after all, wants to be considered beyond the consensus, however broad it may be.  ‘Radical’ is a handle that very few cherish.


What’s Behind it?


The reason the term is employed is precisely to create that chill effect.  If the guy down the street owns a gun and is being labeled in the media as a ‘gun-toting radical’, then who in the world would want to pop over for a coffee or to watch the Bills game?


Today, radical is a term that’s applied to anyone who’s deemed a threat to the status quo.


  • Homeschool your kids? The Department of Education better be informed and clear it.
  • Don’t run to your doctor to get the wee ones vaccinated against hangnails? The Department of Health wants to know for their database of potentially negligent and ill-educated parents.
  • Opposed to the news you get from the mainstream television networks – maybe the internet offers you an editorial line more in keeping with your beliefs? You’ll be tracked and databased (with the help of Google and Facebook) by the NSA, FBI, and local police authorities as a potential future criminal.
  • Possess religious beliefs?
  • Live ‘off grid’?
  • Hunt?
  • Fish?
  • Think the answer to any problem you face is a personal matter not to be ‘administered’ by a government agent or office?
  • You’re beyond the pale.  You’re a radical.  Because governments are the new mommy and daddy.  In fact, the family unit no longer exists.  Nor should it.  Government obviates the need for something so outdated as family.


There’s a new set of values that obtains across the Western world, and the supreme, overriding value is government itself.


The threat to mommy and daddy government, therefore, comes precisely from those who have other values, or who are happy to get by without it.


So what?  Why not live and let live?


This mommy and daddy can’t countenance that.  This mommy and daddy needs absolute control.  Not like a real mommy and daddy who want their kids to grow and develop and become who they really, to actualize themselves and be happy, productive contributors to their neighborhoods and parishes and, of course, to their own families.  No no.  This mommy and daddy wants ever to monitor and punish for any behavior or thought that might be independent, that might conflict with the parents’ all-knowing wisdom.  This mommy and daddy are not interested in your individuation.  They’re interested in you conforming.


We’re not there yet…


And while it may be true that as yet we don’t live in a pure Orwellian control state, the vector we’re currently riding arrives exactly there, and unless we do something to stop it or redirect it, there’s little doubt that something altogether totalitarian awaits us.


At our monthly Normandy roundtable, we try to stay ahead of the trends.  To identify the current reality in the financial, geopolitical and technology spheres and to drink good bourbon extrapolate from there to solid money making ideas for our readership is always job one.


And one of those trends, as you’ve likely guessed, is the increasing size and strength of the so-called ‘prepper’ movement, a development that we believe is underscored by the popularity of presidential candidates Trump and Sanders.


Never before has the country witnessed such an upsurge of discontent and desire to “throw out the bums” as we’ve seen this last year.  And that trend will only gather momentum if the establishment candidate wins.


But the real winners will be those that stand to prosper should the prepper outlook on what’s to come be made manifest.


Let’s have a look at them.


Prepare for Mayhem!


No less than the Federal Government of Germany last week ordered its citizens to prepare for a national calamity by storing a few weeks’ supply of drinking water and food.  Fearing a disaster brought on by a terrorist attack or outbreak of hostilities on the Russian Front (can you believe it? Again?!), German news outlets reported the directive – the first of its kind since the end of the Cold War.


And that’s what’s going to be hoarded first: water (or the means to purify it), freeze-dried food and storage containers to keep them cool and dry.


Next is guns, ammunition and energy supplies, like fuel and small generators.  Surveillance equipment will also likely be a big seller, even drones.


And all that points to several large companies who will profit greatly as the movement picks up steam.


We’re going to focus on just one today, a company that we’ve highlighted in the past, and one that we believe is a great buy after the stock fell suddenly.


Olin Bargain


The company is Olin Corp. (NYSE:OLN), maker of a wide variety of chlor-alkali products, including bleach and other cleaning detergents, and the widely popular Winchester small arms ammunition brand.


Bleach is a prepper staple, used for water treatment and cleaning.  And bullets… well, they’re radicals, remember?


Here’s a look at the chart –


Olin stock exploded in spring, racing from $14 and change to over $26 in five months.  Then, in late July, she cratered (in blue).


And today she looks well poised to begin her ascent anew.


Overbought RSI readings (in green) are now in recovery mode and should retake their waterline in the days ahead.  MACD is still a week away from confirming but is on its way toward its waterline, too.  The stock offers a fat 3.76% dividend yield and is holding stubbornly above its all-important 137 day moving average.


Above the long term moving average (in yellow) it’s all blue skies.  And that’s less than a dollar away.

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Many happy returns,


Matt McAbby

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